About OHF Gospel Choirs

Welcome to the One Human Family Gospel Choir

This website represents the Canadian chapter choirs found in British Columbia as well as the great work of those friends and supporters of the greater OHF community.


Our History/Who We Are

One Human Family Gospel Choir (OHF) is a multi-faith, multi-cultural organization founded on the principle that there is only one race – the human race, and one family, the human family.

Founded in 1998, the One Human Family (OHF) is an organization that began in North Carolina by Eric Dozier, Cara Williams and Dilsey Davis, asserting that the arts have the ability to break all chains, release all yolks, and cross all barriers, fusing all hearts into one.  Gospel music and spirituals in particular possess a unifying spirit with the ability to change the world and illuminate it.  OHF acknowledges music in general as being a viable vehicle to energize people and give birth to new expressions of community.  Music has a way of reaching deep into the hearts and minds of all people.  OHF has specifically selected African American spirituals and gospel music as the genre to convey its message because historically, this music has always inspired hope and peace for the future.  Recently, Eric has included songs of soul that convey messages of peace & love.

Eric brought OHF to Vancouver and Vancouver Island in 2006. We’re so glad he did!

As of July 2010 , the choirs will not be regularly meeting anymore. The Kathaumiwx Festival in Powell River was a wonderful experience and was the last performance that the west coast chapters had planned due to Eric Dozier relocating back to his home town of Bakewell.Tennessee.

The One Human Family Gospel Choirs in Vancouver and the Island would like to thank our supporters and please check in to see if any OHF Workshops are being planned in your area. For more info on what Eric is up to go to http://www.ericdozier.com

6 Responses to “About OHF Gospel Choirs”

  1. May I simply drop in on one of the monthly scheduelled rehearsals?

  2. Hello; would you please tell me when your first rehearsal in Vancouver will be in 2010, and where? I would like to attend, if that is ok?? Thanks very much.

  3. I have seen the choir many times ,,, My sister and myself thought this would be a wonderful experience to share ,,, are you looking for new singers?? ,,, we were not blessed with heavenly voices but we difinately have tons of spirit !!!!! Please let me know ,,,thanks and peace to you ,,,,,Kim

  4. Very interested in becoming a part of a choir, seen your u tube singing and Praise God it seems to be very well done.

  5. Check out our upcoming workshop and concert in Victoria Nov 12-14, 2010. The poster is on our website.

  6. Check out our upcoming workshop and concert Nov 12-14th in Victoria. The poster is on the website.

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